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Have you started a youtube channel? Great! Want to make money out of it?

We'll discuss the Best ways how YouTube creators make money from their YouTube channel. Let's get started

There are different methods which you can use to earn money from your YouTube channel and we'll discuss them one by one.

Ways how YouTube creators Earn Money from Their Youtube channel

#1 Google Adsense

You can earn money by monetizing your YouTube channel with Google Adsense. Enabling this will make Ads appear on your videos which will generate you money, Which will be transferred to your AdSense account and sent to the linked bank account at the 21st of each month.

In order to Monetize, you need to complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in order to apply for monetization. Once applied, the YouTube team will then manually review your YouTube channel if it follows all YouTube's policies or not. If yes then the monetization on your channel will be activated.


  • you can make a huge amount of money.

  • Safe and trustworthy.

  • 100% payment guarantee.


  • Need 1000 subscribers to apply for monetization.

  • Need 4000 watch hours to apply for monetization.

  • YouTube team may disapprove your monetization appeal if your channel directly or indirectly violates YouTube's policies.

 #2 Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is nothing but selling products from affiliate sites such as Amazon affiliate or Clickbank, which when purchased by people through your affiliate link, generate some commission to you.

This is one of the best methods to make money from your Youtube channel. Many creators earn a good amount of money using affiliate marketing.

Creators having a great number of subscribers use this method to earn or make a good amount of money by selling affiliated products.


  • you can make a good amount of money.

  • No limits on how many products. You sell.


  • Need a good amount of user base to share the link.

  • If nobody buys from your link then no earning will be generated.

#3 Sponsorship

Sponsorship is another great way to make money from your Youtube channel. Once your channel reaches a substantial subscriber base, brands reach out to you asking you to promote their products in your videos and pay you some amount for it. This amount is generally based on how good your channel is, or how many subscribers you have or how many views you get on your videos, etc. you can signup for sponsorships at FameBit.com where a lot of brands search for content creators like you


  • no limits on how much you can make by promoting one product.

  • a lot of brands are already there who are ready to collab.


  • need a good subscriber base or follower base to get a sponsorship.

#4 Software/App reviews

Generally, software companies are in search of content creators to promote or advertise their products. You can review their software and Apps as a promotion of their software product. this is generally done by taking permission from the companies. And once they approve that they are ready to pay you some amount for your work, you can review the product and earn money


  • you can make a good amount of money by reviewing software or an App.

  • there are thousands of app makers or software brands who want creators to review or promote their product in their videos.


  • need a good subscriber base or follower base to get a sponsorship.

 #5 use URL shortener

Suppose you make videos related to Apps or Games or software, you can use URL shorteners to monetize your download links. You will earn some amount for every click done on your link shortened by any of this URL shortener. People generally make a good amount of money using this technique.


  • you can make a considerable amount of money just by sharing a monetized link

  • no limits on how many links you hare per day


  • some URL shortener websites don't give payment

  • you need to get a good amount of clicks on the link to make money, generally, 1000 clicks per day can make you $1 or $2.

What do you think about these methods? do let me know in the comments below. see you in the next one. till then stay happy stay safe.

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