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If you already have a blog on Blogger and want to set up a sub-domain? then this article is just for you. in this article I will tell you how to create/setup a subdomain on Blogger so let's begin!. if you follow all the steps correctly then within a few and easy steps, you can create and set up a sub-domain on Blogger.

How to create/setup sub-domain in Blogger
How to create/setup sub-domain in Blogger 

How to create/setup sub-domain in Blogger

Firstly make sure that you already have a blog blogger with a custom(TLD) domain Attached to it. a TLD domain makes your blog look professional and helps in Ranking in the google search engine.
Now, once you that you already have a blog on blogger with a custom domain let's move on to the next steps.

  • go to your Domain registrar from where you have purchased the domain such as Go Daddy, Hostinger, etc.
  • Login to your account and Goto your domain settings and click on DNS > manage DNS
  • Inside DNS settings click on Add new and select the type CNAME. Then in the Host enter your subdomain in my case it is  tools
  • In the Points to section Enter ghs.google.com and set the TTL to 600 seconds as it takes time to point to blogger so it is better to keep the TTL to 600. 
  • After making these changes click on save. 

Note that these changes will take some time to reflect. I recommend waiting for 2 hours after making these changes.

After you made changes in the DNS the next step is to go inside the blogger and create a new blog and give it any address for the time being. 
Once you created a new blog go into the blogger settings and click on a custom domain.

A popup will appear asking you to enter and subdomain. Here, enter the sub-domain that you just created, in my case it is  tools.techarena360.com don't add www. as the prefix as it is already attached as the prefix for the parent domain. After entering this click on save. Now you can click on view blog.  Once you click on view blog your blog will not open and it will throw an error saying site not found this happens as it takes little time for the sub-domain to point to the blogger servers. Usually, it takes around 10-15 minutes. However, in some cases, it may take longer. Have patience!

Now you can use this subdomain to create a new site or a different version of your site that depends on you.

Enable HTTPS on Blogger Sub-domain

  • once you create a Sub-domain on blogger, it is important to enable HTTPS  as an SSL certificate is a Ranking Factor in Google. to enable HTTPS in Blogger Subdomain:
  • open Blogger
  • goto Blogger settings 
  • in settings search for HTTPS 
  • inside HTTPS you will see two options
  • one option will be HTTPS availability
  • and the other option will be HTTPS redirect
  • by default they these two options will be turned off you have to enable them both one by one.
  • note that enabling HTTPS might take some time and may result in your being unreachable
  • once successful, you will both these options turned on

AdSense approval on blogger subdomain

If you have already approved AdSense on your parent domain then you can just add the sub-domain in the AdSense > sites section and ads will start to appear instantly!

You can also watch the video tutorial  below on How to create/setup sub-domain in Blogger

Video Credit: Daily Digital Dose
you can Subscribe to his youtube channel by clicking here

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