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As we proceed towards 2020, beginners who are willing to learn web development also those who are thinking of going into web development, here are top 5 web development Technologies that you should learn as a web developer, which will help you build a good skill base for your web development carrier

List of Top 5 Web development Technologies to learn in 2020 for beginners

#1 HTML 

    HTML stands for hyper text markup language. HTML is used to build the basic structure of any web document or web page. Html is very simple to learn and anyone can learn it with ease. For writing HTML one may use an basic editor such as notepad and an browser to see the output. In 2020, best choice will be learning HTML 5 which is the current latest version of  HTML.

    #2 CSS

      CSS Stands for cascading style sheet. It is used to give stylings to HTML Tags. In other words CSS is used to make the HTML page attractive. CSS files are saved with (.css) extension. CSS 3 is the latest version of CSS as of now. Learning CSS is considered as an important part for any one who is learning web development.


        JavaScript is a web scripting language which is used to give dynamism to the html Webpage. now the reason we have took JAVASCRIPT & JQuery together is because JQuery is a JavaScript framework and if an individual learns JavaScript then he/she  shall easily learn JQuery as most of the things are similar. As of now in 2020 JQuery can be seen growing underhood and one shall definitely learn it as a beginner which may help you in your further web development journey.

          #4 BOOTSTRAP

          BOOTSTRAP is a CSS framework. Basically it is a combination of CSS and JQuery. BOOTSTRAP is mostly used while developing responsive website which change their shape and size based on different device dimensions. As of now in 2020 bootstrap is seen as and important Web development Technology by most of IT companies and as a beginner you should definitely learn it.

            #5 PHP

            PHP stands for hyper text pre-processor.
            It is also a web scripting language. PHP is used when developing dynamic pages which requires integration of Database
            Now we have kept PHP on number 5 is because when learning PHP you shall also learn MySQL Database which will give you knowledge of two technologies while learning one. Also latest versions of PHP allows object oriented programming. As a beginner one should definitely put PHP in their Skill base.

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