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Writing an SEO friendly Article is one of the major challenges of a content writer. however this is not so easy, there are several key factors that you must consider and implement in your article so that your post/article can appear in google search results for any search performed for that particular keyword or phrase. lets top 5 factors that you must necessarily consider in your article for good SEO and huge organic traffic.

Top 5 Tips to write an SEO friendly Article in 2020

#1 Keywords Placement

While writing an article, you must take extra care of keywords placement, that is where and on which line the keyword which you are targeting in your post should be placed. this helps the Search Engine crawlers to read the information faster and thus helps in Rankings.
for example, you should use the targeted keyword in almost all sentences such as titles, subtitles, etc.

#2 Length of the Article

This is also an important factor that one must consider, google algorithms mostly give preference to articles that have more content generally bigger than  500 words. thus make sure you write an article that is at least 500 words in length.

#3 Unique Content

Google algorithms will rank your article if it is a copied work or is not unique. always make sure that you write an article that is different from any other articles, this helps crawlers(bots) to identify your article as different and unique and thus it greatly increases your rankings.

#4 Interlinking

Interlinking is always considered as an important of part  SEO when you have a post which as proper Interlinking did to it, it works as a backlink to self. this tells the Search Engine that enough information regarding the searched keyword is available in the post, also related information is also available. the search engine then ranks such posts very easily. 
example of interlinking:
consider an article of  Apple iPhone
interlinking the article of Apple smartwatch within the iPhone article.
Example:  Also read: Apple smartwatch  

#5 Permalink

Permalink also plays an important role in the ranking of a webpage. it tells the search engine what the article is about. if you have a permalink that is not SEO friendly then search engine crawlers will not rank your article as it will be difficult for the user.
consider an article on the computer then the permalink should be:
what-is-computer or what-is-computer-explained

Also, note that this is are a few tips/factors that you must consider while writing an article.there are several other factors that play a key role in ranking such as domain authority, backlinks, etc.
However, keep in mind that Google algorithms keep on changing the criteria on which they rank websites.

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