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Have you heard about flutter? I'm sure you have!
Who doesn't know about flutter Right! Did you know you can create some stunning cross-platform applications with a single code base using flutter? Today We'll discuss why flutter is far better than any other Cross-platform Development framework out there!

Google released flutter on March 27. It got popular soon after its release. It packed stunning features and developers loved it. It used the 'Dart' language. It allowed developers to create mind-blowing cross-platform applications with ease. Today we'll discuss why flutter is much better than other Cross-platform development Frameworks in the industry.

Why flutter is better than other Cross-platform Application development Frameworks?

#1 Flutter is open source

Flutter is an open-source Framework. Made for creating cool cross-platform applications that run on any platform such as Android, Windows, IOS with a single Codebase. Since it's open-source, developers can take full advantage and create the applications they want to. Without any hesitation. Since it's open-source, it's totally free to use.

Since Flutter is an open-source framework for developing cross-platform applications, Any organization can make changes to the core code as per their needs. This gives them full freedom to create applications that meet the needs of their customers.

#2 Flutter is a Product of Google.

Flutter was released by Google in May 2017. It supported cross Platform application development with a single code base. Flutter is a Product of Google. And I'm not over exaggerating or Overhyping things here, Everyone knows that software Products made by Google are One of the best In Market. Also, Google always keeps its users happy by its community support and updates.

#3 Stunning UI support

Flutter provides support for creating Stunning UI elements. Using flutter developers can create beautiful looking UI elements with ease. The UI created using flutter looks really beautiful and appealing. Thus most of the companies are now migrating to Flutter.

#4 Support for Libraries

Flutter has a wide range of support for Libraries.  These libraries help developers to create amazing functionalities. Though flutter contains most of the functions inbuilt. However, if the developer wants to implement something extraordinary, he/she can make use of an external library to do so. 

#5 Community support

Flutter has great community support. All the Developers around the world contribute towards flutter. There soo many forums that help you with your flutter journey. Also, Google forums are also very helpful for getting information related to bugs and how to solve them and latest updates related to flutter

Forums like stack overflow help the developers to solve their errors quickly. Developers just have to go to the forum and ask the question about how to solve that particular error and BOOM their solution is presented to you. Many YouTube Channels have also put up flutter videos on their channel. So you can learn and implement flutter by watching those videos too!

What do you guys think of flutter? Do share your thoughts in the comments below. Also, make sure to mention your favorite cross-platform development Framework. I would love to read the comments!

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