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Hey Everyone! Today I'm going to share with you my story on how I learned programming and web development completely from youtube. Hopefully, this will motivate you to learn things on your own. And make you believe that nothing is impossible in this world. So let's get started.

When it all started?

This all started when I was in 10th std. After passing 10th I had to decide which field or stream I want to study for 11th and 12th. I was super confused. When I went for admission I told all the teacher's my hobbies and interests and then suggested I take C.T(computer technology) ok, so this was a stream where teach you basics of programming, HTML, and all that basic stuff.

Firstly I was totally unaware of what is Programming coding and all. After the college started first they taught us. Basic HTML and CSS and I was really impressed by how you can Design a webpage using this. Slowly my interest started growing. I used to come and watch videos on HTML, CSS, and used to practice it on my laptop. As I practice more and more i was my interest started growing more and more. 

After a few Days, our teacher taught us a basic program in Java. Yes! It was the 'hello world' program. I was fascinated to see how we can make a computer do some things by writing lines of code. I used to go home and see videos on Java and what things you could do in java. After a few days, I was perfect in the basics of Java such as loops and decision statements. By this time I had realized that Programming was my passion.

I was during my final exams time, we had final practical exams. We were a few questions on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Java which was taught to us and we had to perform or implement it and show it to our teachers. And guess what I did extremely well in that and my teacher was really impressed. By this time I had made sure that I will make my career in programming.

After my final exams were over, we had tons of holidays. I decided to learn a new technology during this holiday period. I searched on YouTube on 'which technology to learn for web development' a couple of videos showed up. Most of them suggested HTML CSS JavaScript which is obvious. And dome of them suggested learning PHP alongside those languages. So I decided to learn PHP. I watched so many tutorial videos on PHP and learned PHP from scratch. 

I used to watch those videos and practice side by side. Since I had a programming background already. I learned PHP pretty fast.  As I was learning PHP. And a video popped suggesting the use OF MySQL alongside PHP. I learned the MySQL database and after a month of practice, I was quite perfect with PHP and MySQL.

After learning PHP and MySQL, I applied for a Freelance project where I had to build a login system using PHP. I built that. And the client was really impressed by my work. And on that day I realized that nothing is impossible in this world. All you need is a passion to do something.

As of 2020, I take freelance web development projects and side by side i run a tech blog named Techarena360.com. since then I never looked back. Everyone has a passion. You must find for yourself what your true passion is. For that always try different things. By doing so you come to know what interests you the most.

Lastly, I would like to say that, never hesitate to follow your dreams. Always work for turning your dream into reality. Everyone is born with some talent. Everyone is unique in their own way.  Also, I would like to say that, you don't require big universities to learn something. If You have internet  all the knowledge is just a click or search away on Google or YouTube. Always keep exploring new possibilities in life. And Never lose Hope in life.

What do you guys think about my story? Share your stories in comments on how did you'll learn to program. I would love to hear them!

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