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Instagram is one of the most popular photo-sharing social media platforms. did you know that you can make a huge amount of money 螺 from Instagram? do you want to make money as well? I will tell you how influencers make money with Instagram.

First of all, you need to have an active Instagram account and a decent amount of followers. now that you have made sure that you have an active Instagram account let's get started on how to make money with Instagram.

There are a number of ways through which we can earn or make money from Instagram. Some easy methods while some require a little hard work.

Ways to How Instagram Influencers Make Money on Instagram

#1 Publish sponsored post

One of the ways of earning money from Instagram is by publishing sponsored posts. What this means is you get a sponsorship from a brand asking you to promote their products on your Instagram posts. And in return, they pay you some money as per the deal.

Now, you may ask me how do I approach a brand asking for sponsorship? Well, you don't have to approach them. In fact, when your Instagram Id reaches a noticeable number of followers you will automatically start getting sponsorship emails from companies.

#2 Promote affiliate links

Another way of making money from Instagram is fine promoting affiliate links. If you don't know what is affiliate marketing affiliate links do consider reading this article on what is affiliate marketing. What affiliate marketing is that you sign up affiliate sites such as Amazon affiliates, ClickBank, commission junction, etc, and become their affiliate marketer partner. Next, they provide you a link of their products( which is the affiliated link). you have to share these links on your Instagram. And whenever someone buys any product from that link you get some amount of commission and that's how you make money.

Now you will ask me which affiliate website should I choose? If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing, I would recommend you should go with Amazon affiliate. Since it is easy and simple to use

There are people out there making $100 of $200 in a day just by sharing or promoting their affiliate links. So you consider affiliate marketing as one of the ideal options if you want to make money from Instagram.

#3 Sell Products

This method is ideal for you if you have a brand company that deals with physical or digital products. You can use Instagram as a platform to sell your products since it has a huge number of the user base. And someone out there will be definitely interested in your product. I know many brands that use Instagram as their primary platform to sell products. As I mentioned above, these products can be digital or physical in nature.

One more advantage of selling products on Instagram is that Instagram uses an algorithm to show users photos or content based on their interests. This increases the change of your being purchased whenever it is shown to any user out there.

#4 Find Freelance Clients

If you are into freelancing you can use Instagram to advertise your work. This will enable you to find some freelance clients who are interested in your work and will pay you something to get their work done.

Now you may ask me what type of clients can I get on Instagram? My answer would be almost every type. Yes! In this era, Instagram has become vital in establishing your brand image. Almost every company out there has an Instagram page. From there on you can find them or in some cases, they may approach you as well to work for them as a freelance and you can make a good amount of money from this method.

If you are a tech guy such as software developer, web designer, Graphic designer then this will be a very easy task you to find freelance clients as there is a huge demand for web developers, software developers, and Graphic designers

Some other popular IT fields in for which you can get Freelance clients are:

  • Data analyst
  • Cloud engineer
  • AI engineer
  • SEO expert
  • Cybersecurity expert
  • Database Expert

#5 Become a brand ambassador

If you are popular on Instagram and have a large number of follower base, then popular brands will approach you and will ask you to be their brand ambassador. A common example of a brand ambassador is Hima Das who is now a brand ambassador of Global sports goods manufacturer Adidas.

However, note that being a brand ambassador is not that easy as it sounds. firstly you have to make your social media presence. Without people knowing who you are no company will ever want to make you their brand ambassador.

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