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Ethereal Kernel
Ethereal Kernel

Ethereal is a custom kernel developed by SJD for Mido (Xiaomi Redmi note 4/4x) Snapdragon variant. Ethereal kernel is extremely popular due to its performance and stability. this guide will walk you through about Ethereal kernel and its features.

Ethereal kernel Compatibility

Ethereal kernel supports All Oreo, Pie, Android 10, and 11 Custom ROMS. Official MIUI based on Nougat is not supported. However, it may work on MIUI GSIs.

Ethereal kernel Features

➤Amazing  Battery life

Flash and Forget

Minimal in ZIP Size; Only Around 9.6 MB

Compiled Using Bare-Metal GCC 9.3.0 with Core Specific Cortex-A53 Optimizations

CPU OC Up to 2.2 GHz (Not on by Default)

GPU OC Up to 725 Mhz (Not on by Default

CPU Governors: Interactive, Powersave, Performance

I/O Scheduler: CFQ

TCP Congestion Algorithms: Westwood, Reno

The Absolute Best F2FS Support [Inline with Linux 3.18 + Backports from up to Mainline | Rapid GC | Default to nobarrier FSync Mode | Optimization of F2FS' "extension list" to be specific to Android's usecases]

Super Low Screen-wake Latency

KCAL Control

Vibration Strength Control

Ability to Choose Between Stock and Stronger Modified Vibration Patterns (See installation instructions for more info)

Kill Haptics while Camera is in Use

ElementalX Sound Control

Faster Fingerprint Verification

CPU Input Boost (User Configurable)

TTL Target / IP Mangle Support

Optimized Audio Codec for Better Audio Output Through Earphones and Speakers [ Louder | Cleaner | Less Hissy ]

USB Fast Charge Up To 900mA

Disabled a lot of Debugging Bloat for Less User Overhead

NEON Accelerated ChaCha20 Crypto Algorithm for Faster Random Data Generation

SafetyNet Flag Bypass

ZRAM Backports and Additional Swap Improvements

Supports Franco Kernel Manager Performance Profiles

Ethereal Kernel Supports Spectrum Profiles

Ethereal kernel installation Instructions​

If you're updating from previous versions of Ethereal kernel or flashing a custom kernel for the first time

πŸ‘‰ Flash kernel ZIP -> Reboot

If you've flashed a different custom kernel before but would like to migrate to Ethereal

πŸ‘‰ Flash boot.img of your ROM (located in root of ROM ZIP) -> Flash kernel ZIP -> Magisk (optional) -> Reboot

Note: The kernel ships with stock vibration patterns by default. If you'd like to switch to the modified one, simply add the keyword modvib to the file name before flashing (e.g. EtherealXO-30.0~Deity-GCC930-Mido-20200825-modvib.zip). Once this is done the ZIP MUST be flashed from recovery instead of through other means such as FKM's flasher.

Ethereal kernel Download

you can download the latest version of Ethereal Kernel by clicking below πŸ‘‡

Ethereal kernel Telegram Channel

Ethereal Kernel telegram Link πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

If you like the kernel then consider Donating to the developer on PayPal by clickingπŸ‘‰ here

Ethereal kernel Contributors

Ethereal kernel Version Information

Status πŸ‘‰ Stable
Current Stable Version πŸ‘‰  V33.0
Stable Release Date πŸ‘‰ 2018-11-19

Other Information:

Created ➤ 2018-11-19
Last Updated  ➤ 2020-11-17

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