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Everyone loves mobile Gaming, I mean who doesn't love Gaming!. its a stress buster. Over time mobile games have evolved and have become more and more graphic intensive and heavier. And modules like Magnetar helps gamers to play games on their low-end and mid-end devices without any Lags and frame drops

Mobile phones come With CPU (central processing unit) and a GPU(Graphics processing unit)which are quite capable, but one of the issues is the heat which they emit when a heavy processing load is put onto them. Unlike PC where there can be a dedicated Cooling fan to reduce Thermal Throttling  Mobile phones use thermal configuration files which helps the CPU to drop Performance when the heat is unbearable.

Heavy Games like PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty need heavy graphics processing and they Mainly Rely on FPS(Frames per second). Heat can make a processor reduce its performance and drop Fps which results in Lags And Frame drops.

Magnetar is a Magisk module developed by @Kyliekyler which helps to reduce Thermal Throttling and gives a smooth gaming experience without any frame drops or lags.

 How to install Magnetar

In order to install magnetar you need the following Requirements:

1. Android phone with Unlocked bootloader.

2. Custom recovery installed

3. Magisk installed.

Once you have all this then you are ready to install Magnetar.

 Steps to install Magnetar

  • Download the Magnetar zip file from the Official Magnetar  Telegram channel.
  • goto telegram and search "magnetar"
  • join the official magnetar group
  • once joined, Type #builds command, and all the builds will be shown to you.
  • select your desired Build and version as per your device and download it.
  • After you download the Magnetar zip file save it in the internal storage of the phone.
  • Open Magisk > Modules
  • Click on (+) plus icon to add a module 
  • Select the Magnetar zip and flash it.
  • After successful flashing Magisk will prompt you to restart/reboot your phone do that respectively.
  • Once you restart again goto Magisk>modules and here you will see Magnetar Successfully installed.
  • In order to check whether Magnetar is installed or not navigate to your file manager and find a folder named Magnetar inside it, you will find a logFile named magne.log open it using any text editor and see the module in action.

How to Tweak Magnetar

Magnetar comes with different modes such as gaming, adaptive, power save, etc. Each mode has its own advantage respectively. Setting it to adaptive mode will make the Magnetar automatically adjusts and adapt as per the situation. Such as if you're playing a game it will automatically turn on Gaming mode and if the phone goes in idle state it will automatically turn on power save mode respectively

How to Set different modes in Magnetar.

 In order to set modes in Magnetar, you have to open your file manager and find a folder named Magnetar and inside it you will find a text the file named Modes.txt open it with any text editor and set the mode according to your need as shown below:

  0 = Adaptive Mode (Default)

      Dynamically changing through usage (Recommended)

  1 = Powesave Mode

      Lowering power draw by 20% to give more SOT

  2 = Balanced Mode

      Balancing power draw and performance stability

  3 = Performance Mode

      Removed throttle to maximize phone capability

  4 = Gaming Mode

      Better RAM maximization and set device at max performance with no throttling

Note: If your using some custom kernel, before installing make sure your kernel supports Magnetar, though it supports most of the kernels however there may be some kernels our there which may be incompatible due to various reasons.

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