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Englezos Kernel for the MI 9T/K20 Pro (raphael,in) is a minimal kernel focused on improving overall UX with performance and battery tuning. Support any AOSP OSS based rom both Android 10 & Android 11, no MIUI support.


Latest CAF msm-4.14 (Specific Qualcomm Optimized kernel base) with latest android-4.14-stable merged

Latest wifi and audio drivers tags

Power efficient workqueues and idle power consumption is reduced to the absolute minimum

Optimized CPU frequencies and EAS energy model for improved performance and battery life (idle also)

Selectively cleaned Xiaomi's drivers for reduced debugging and performance improvement

Dropped unnecessary boosting

Devfreq boost driver

SimpleLMK driver for better and improved memory utilization

Passes SafetyNet bootloader unlock check

LZ4 compression for ZRAM enabled by default

WireGuard VPN tunnel support

vDSO 32 patches to improve 32-bit performance

Modules support disabled for lighter kernel

Excluded a lot of debugging symbols for kernel size reduction

Root will be preserved even after flashing the kernel! (i.e. No Need to Reflash Magisk after flashing kernel).

Many other miscellaneous improvements not listed here, check the source

Installation instructions:

Flash the .zip file through your installed recovery or FKM.


Download from Github Releases

Reporting issues:

Before reporting an issue please check that it only occurs when having this kernel installed. Otherwise it may be an issue with the ROM.

Make sure you provide logs and or a descriptive information with your reports, else you will be ignored.

Be aware that battery issues are very likely related to your personal settings. Don't blame me for your modifications.

Thanks to:

nathanchance: for android-linux-stable

osm0sis: for his amazing anykernel3 script



All others who have their commits or contributions picked.

XDA:DevDB Information

Englezos Kernel, Kernel for the Redmi K20 Pro



Source Code: https://github.com/penglezos/kernel_xiaomi_raphael

Version Information

Status: Stable

Current Stable Version: 0.13

Created 2020-04-06

Last Updated 2021-07-26 

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