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Agni Kernel is an aftermarket kernel developed for various Android devices. It is known for its emphasis on performance, stability, and battery life optimization. The Agni kernel is developed by XDA Recognized Developer, "neobuddy89," and is available for a range of devices including OnePlus, Xiaomi, and Samsung phones. It provides users with various customization options, such as CPU and GPU frequency adjustments, I/O schedulers, and voltage control. The kernel is also frequently updated with bug fixes and new features to improve device performance.

Thanks to its testers, the efficient and multipurpose kernel has been thoroughly tested. The aim is to achieve good battery backup while ensuring good performance when needed. The kernel has a safe fast charging functionality with precise temperature control. It is optimized for gaming with high performance and low temperatures. The kernel is constantly updated with the latest commits. The goal is to provide the best all-in-one performing kernel.

To ensure the best experience, it is recommended to stick with the stock settings. The kernel supports Android 9, 10, and 11 for SDM660 and Android 10 and 11 for SDM720G. 

General Improvements:

  • Built with GCC 10.2 on Ubuntu 20.04 x64 AMD Ryzen 5 lenovo system
  • Enhanced compiler optimizations with device and target flags, build improvements, etc
  • Removed a ton of debug and logging to improve performance 
  • ARM64 enhanced performance and battery patches
  • CVE security patches, linux kernel upstream and CAF kernel merges

CPU & GPU Improvements:

  • EAS CPU Scheduling with default optimised schedutil governor
  • Many EAS CPU Governors available - schedutil, pwrutilx, blu_schedutil
  • 2.2 / 2.45 GHz CPU OC options (2.45GHz experimental)
  • 40mV undervolted (CPU & GPU) to reduce heat and improve stability and battery life
  • GPU OC for sdm636/sdm660 is not possible, it is hardware locked

Network improvements:

  • Wifi driver options based on latest sources of Android 9(Pie), Android 10(Q) and Android 11(R)
  • Ton of wifi driver's debugging code disabled & tweak their functioning
  • Implemented Wireguard VPN support
  • Enhanced TCP methods - reno, cubic, veno, westwood, CDG, bbr(default)
  • Auto enabled 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi channel bonding to increase throughput'

I/O improvements:

  • Several I/O control tweaks, added schedulers zen, bfq, cfq, row, deadline, noop, depression, fifo, anxiety
  • noatime, nodiratime filesystem optimisations on all mounted filesystems
  • lz4/zstd/lzo zram available
  • Auto kernel fs FileSync on screen off and auto sync on panic & reboot to avoid data loss/corruption
  • Disabled I/O CRC check for more performance

Screen Improvements:

  • sRGB, KCAL, lineage livedisplay support
  • Backlight dimmer for lower minimum brightness
  • double tap to wake (dt2w) support for all known roms

Sound improvements:

  • modify wired headphone processing for increased fidelity
  • modify speaker processing for clarity
  • Implemented flar2 sound control

Battery improvements:

  • USB Fast Charge 900mA max
  • Boeffla Wakelock blockers
  • Fast charging with maximum 2300mA (whyred, tulip with micro usb)
  • Fast charging with maximum 2700mA (jasmine_sprout, lavender, wayne with type-c usb)
  • 18 Watts Safe charging with temperature control 43C (sdm660)
  • 18 Watts on curtana & 33 Watts on others - Safe charging with temperature control 40C (miatoll)

Agni Kernel Curently Supported Devices: 

  • excalibur - Redmi Note 9 Pro Max (India)  [Primary Development, as I have this device]
  • curtana - Redmi Note 9S / Pro (India)
  • joyeuse - Redmi Note 9 Pro (Global)
  • gram - Poco M2 Pro
  • Redmi Note 5 Pro (whyred) [Secondary Development]
  • Redmi Note 6 Pro (tulip)
  • Redmi Note 7  (lavender)
  • MI 6x (wayne)
  • MI A2 (jasmine_sprout)
  • Old Devices (No longer Supported):
  • Redmi Note 3 (kenzo/kate)
  • Redmi Note 4G (dior)
  • Motorola G Turbo (merlin)
  • Motorola G (osprey)
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 (I930x)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II (N710x)
  • Samsung Galaxy TAB 2 (P31xx,P51xx)


  • Prefer flashing over your ROM's stock kernel for best results else reflash rom without wipe Download correct file of AGNi kernel for your device Make backup of system and boot partitions for restoring in case of any errors Flash the kernel zip (Orange fox recovery recomended) Select the appropriate options in AROMA installer Reboot Wait for kernel to settle, experience will get best after a complete charge cycle, and keeps getting better over time. Charge 100% and minimum 10minutes more for good experience. Overnight charging has no problems.

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