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C is one of the most used programming languages in the world it is used for hardware interaction and system design. Many schools and colleges use C as the first language to teach the students how to code.

Today we will learn how to write and compile C programs on Android offline for that we will use an application called "Coding C" which you can download from Play Store absolutely free.

Now once you have successfully downloaded and installed application let's look on how to write and compile C programs on Android offline.
  • Firstly, Open the application upon the first start the application will download some external libraries which it requires to compile the source code

  • Once it is done you will be redirected to the coding screen which will be a black screen where you can type your C code.

  • The app also comes with auto-suggest / autocomplete feature which will suggest you some keywords and also some looking statements etc.
  • The app also contains a feature where it will automatically close the openend brackets as any IDE does.
  • Once you write the code click on the run button to compile it the App will  than compile your code if your code does not contain any errors output will be shown to you on the next screen.

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