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Mobile browsing has now become a standard for internet surfing. 75% of the users who surf the internet, surf it using their mobile phones. Which is quite handy as compared to using it on Desktop computers.

There are millions of devices are there in the world, everyone uses a different device with the different operating system and different hardware thus it is a challenge to the developers to create an experience that is equal or same for all. Let's learn more about this in this article.

Firstly, we will discuss about the mobile browsing experience. Now you will ask me what is the mobile browsing experience?
Basically, mobile browsing experiences is how it appears on different devices with different OS or different screen sizes.

There are different Mobile Browing Types such as: 

Mobile Browing using focus navigation

This type of browsing works as follows
  • user visits a website.
  • Whenever user clicks or moves to a certain section of that particular webpage. the background color will be changed or a border will appear to show the user where exactly the user is. 
  • Here, Focusable objects such as text or links are used to show the user where the user exactly is.
  • For navigation, the user has to click up or down key.  This will make or change the browser to focus on the next focusable object.

Mobile Browing using Cursor navigation

In cursor navigation, whenever a user visits a webpage or a website a cursor appears on the screen. This cursor is used to navigate using the up-down left-right arrow keys. This type of navigation is simple and liked by most of the mobile users. 

Mobile Browing using touch navigation

This is one of the easiest mobile navigation types. This does not involve any complexity. In this type of navigation, wherever the user clicks on the screen is read and the user is navigated to that part of the screen. Touch navigation has become the most popular mobile navigation type. Or You can say that it has become the standard of mobile browsing on the navigation

What is Reflow Engines

All the modern web pages are designed for providing A similar experience to all the users using different devices and different hardware. This is made possible using reflow engines. You may ask me what is a reflow engine? Basically, what Reflow engine is, you may have seen page automatically resizes itself based on the size of the screen this is made possible using a reflow engine. 

Based on the screen size or you may say the height of the display or its width the display resizes itself by changing its columns and rows.

There are different mobile web development frameworks that enables you to implement such functionality. Some of them are bootstrap, materialize CSS, tailwind CSS, etc

What is Webkit Engine

A website engine is a completely open-source layout engine for most of the web browsers. I know, a question will arise in your mind that is what this is actually done. Basically, a WebKit engine is responsible for rendering HTML and CSS based websites. It is also responsible for executive JavaScript.

One great thing about WebKit engine is that no matter which device you are using you will see a similar rendering across all devices. thus developers can concentrate on creating experiences for uses that are the same on every platform.

what are your thoughts on mobile browsing Reflow engine and WebKit engine? Do let us know in the comments

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