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If you are Reading this, i don't need to explain you about Android or what it is. You already know that Android is the most used mobile OS around the world. 80-85% of Mobile devices around the world Run Android in some form. 

If you want to start your career as an Android developer, what are the advantages and benefits you will get while developing for Android and why Android development is Considered as the most ideal option for making Money in Software Development Field. We shall discuss this. So lets begin. Shall we?

Since you already know that, Android is one of the or you may say most popular Mobile OS in the world. 80-85% of mobile devices around the world Run Android. It has a huge User base. Considering this, Being an Android developer you are open to a wide range of users who can use your App and success rate of your App is very High. This is not it, there are various advantages of developing for Android and we shall discuss them one by one. 

#1 Less Time to Market the App

Android is known for its wide range of support for different  Applications. There is an Android app for almost everything. Android has its own app market known as Play Store. Here, developers publish their Apps. It doesn't matter even if you finish developing the App at midnight 3 AM you can build the APK(Android package) and straight away upload it to the Google Play Store with easy. And BOOM! Your App is now available for billions of Android users out there. Yes, you heard it right no wasting of time in Approvals. 

#2 Android is an Open Platform

Android is totally open source. All the source code are freely available. This means all the manufacturers of different hardware are free to make changes and modifications and make their version of Android. Most of the part of Android is open source except some things such as Google search or Google play store etc  are licensed under Google inc.

Since Android is an open source platform. Alot of developers contribute towards its betterment and that is the reason you see Android growing so fast. Every developer is free to make changes as per their choice. Due to this freedom Android is loved by developers around the world.

#3 Android is Cross compatible OS

Android is a cross compatible OS, what this means is Android can run on device with any hardware, shape for size. That is the Reason you will see Android running on Smartwatches, Televisions, Cars and Smartphones etc. Since Android is Cross compatible with different hardwares, Android developers get an advantage of developing apps for Different platforms such as televisions, Smartwatches and of course smartphones.

Cross compatibility of an OS gives Android developers advantage in terms Reach. Yes! The more your app will be used the more profit you will make. Simple as that!

#4 Android provides Mashup Capability

Android provides Mashup capability like a charm. You will ask me what exactly is mashup capability? Hmm, well mashup capability simply means combining two or more features or functions to derive a third product. An perfect of this would be camera app using your phone's camera and GPS both. So whenever you click a photo the camera will click a photo along the gps which will capture the location where the photo is clicked and  then this information will be displayed to you in the gallery. This simply enhances the user experience. The more convenient features you will  provide the more users will love it. And Android provide such capabilities like a charm.

#5 Support of Libraries and APIs

Android has a huge support of Third party libraries and APIs. This enables you as a developer to bring extra features for your user. There are different libraries for implementing different things such as animations. Support for API's enable you to fetch data from external sources to provide it to your users. You can build an weather app that fetches weather  forecast data from an Weather API and so on.

Apart from this, Android also has Alot lof Google API's. Using this Google API's you can integrate Google's all the cool things such as sign in with Google, Google maps integration etc.

#6 Google's support for Android developers

Google has been always supporting Android developers. Google has an official ide for Android called "Android studio" from which you can develop, build and debug  Android Apps. Apart from this Google also offers certification program  called "Associate Android developer certification". getting this certificate will help you get Jobs in big software Companies.


Android development has a lot of plus points. are you thinking of becoming a Android developer? What are you waiting for? Start your journey today. i will recommend you start making basic apps first then moving to advance side of Android.

What do you think about Android development and its advantages, do let me know in the comments below. That's it for now. See you in the next one. 

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