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Ever wonder how major search engines such as Google Yahoo and Bing rank your website within their search results? if so you've come to the right place in this article we're going to explain how search engines work most specifically. We'll discuss the primary functions of search engines such as how they scan and index information on the web and provide search patrons or users with the most relevant listings based on the request. Understanding these components is a critical part of SEO. It can help us as we begin our endeavors optimizing our site for search engines. 

How Does Search Engine Work?

Imagine for a moment that your librarian when people come into your library it's your job to help them find the book they're looking for. Now imagine that your library is a giant one, that consists of over 13 Million books with no formal organized filing system. Well, How do you do it? First, you need a system and a great one for that matter! your system needs to know what's on over Hundred Trillion pages. Additionally needs the answer up to 40,000 customer inquiries per second and spit up or Give out the most relevant answers to each question. 

Search engines like Google Yahoo and Bing are the librarians and the giant library is the internet. and yes search engines like Google have a system to collect information about every page on the internet to provide their customers with the most relevant search results. So there it is the system search engines deployed consisted of 3 primary functions crawling indexing and ranking.



First, to locate relevant content on over hundred trillion(100000000000000) web pages a search engine deploys a spider also referred to as a bot or crawler which is a program that finds relevant information and there's a list of words found on each site a process known as web crawling. Crawling is where it all begins and for that matter never ends. Spiders or web crawlers quickly and frequently scanned sites and creates a list of everything presented on that particular site including content, page titles, headers, keywords, images, link pages, and much much more. 



The second function of search engines is indexing. In this step, the bot or the crawler processes all the information it gathers and compiles a massive index of the words and the respective location. this stored information is then used by the search engine to retrieve the results based upon the user's search query. since the Search Engines already have data indexed they can give out the required results at a much faster rate.


The last function is providing users with a list of relevant results based on their search. when a user enters a query the search engine scans the index to locate the most relevant sites. it then returns the results it believes are most relevant to the user. Refer to this as a ranking. The ranking is determined by many factors for example Google uses over 200 ranking factors to identify the relevancy of their search listings. These ranking factors are part of a complex algorithm and Google does not openly disclose what these ranking factors are however they are combinations of research testing and most importantly experience. The important factors of good SEO are known. In addition, Google is constantly adjusting and updating its search results terms so a website that is ranked at the top of the results page today may have a different position next month.


What are your thoughts on the search engines? do let me know in the comments below! for now, stay happy! stay healthy! cheers :)

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