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After Indian Government banned Chinese which included Popular battle royale game which is pubg mobile all the Indian gamers are eagerly waiting for the come back off pubg mobile.

Earlier this month pubg mobile India announced on their Instagram page they are coming back in India. This gave a feeling of excitement to all the gamers who were waiting for the game to come back. Pubg mobile had made up of Huge scene of E-sports in India. Many games got their future as a career in gaming in pubg mobile

After pubg mobile India announced on their Instagram page that they are launching a specific Indian version all the Indian gamers have been eagerly waiting for the comeback of the Pubg mobile India Game. Although it is clear that the game will surely come back, the bigger question is "when?".

Pubg mobile has formed a team in India which will look after the game in the Indian scene. and has invested over hundred million in Indian E-sports scene. Earlier this month pubg mobile has also announced their partnership with Microsoft Azure cloud computing service. What is means is pubg mobile India will have their dedicated servers in India. This will end in lower ping and better gaming experience for the Indian players.

PUBG Mobile India Changes

What we know so far is that pubg mobile India will have some changes in game to obey the regulations of the Indian government. Some of these changes includes: colour of the blood set to green, Hindi voice commands, India specific events, time regulations. Also a rumour suggest that character in pubg mobile India will always have clothes by default.

Popular pubg mobile gamer kronten gave hints that pubg mobile India explaining to give a big surprise to all the gamers. Some say that they will provide free royal pass; 

Whereas, some say that pubg mobile India will provide free rewards. However, we will have to actually wait for the official release of pubg mobile India to see what surprises the game will have for Indian gamers.

pubg mobile India Release date

Talking about the release date of Pubg mobile India rumors say that game I will come on the 2nd of December however official confirmation of the same has not been done yet. rumors also suggested some of the top influencers in India have got Beta Access to the Game. However, this as well is not confirmed news.

Until then we can just wait for the official comeback of the game. Do share this article with your pubg squadmates and let them know about pubg mobile India release date.

Update: Recent reports by Times of India Says that Pubg mobile India may Come in the first week of December.

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/videos/in-depth/pubg-mobile-india-could-go-live-sooner-than-you-think/videoshow/79477316.cms

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